Broward School Board member Ann Murray Pads her mileage

Broward School Board member Ann Murray Pads her mileage when
she seeks reimbursement for driving to meetings. The trip is only 12.5 miles
each way yet she puts in for over 28 miles each trip from her home @ 611 North
70 ave Hollywood Fl 33024, or call her on the cell phone we pay for the # is 954-235-0152

She also charged us for 33 miles to drive to Signature Grand in Davie which is less 5
miles from her home. Why should we be paying for them to drive to the meetings
they were elected to attend? Why should the tax payers foot the bill for her to
drive to a banquet? We did not elect her to feed her face and network at public
ceremonies and charge us for her mileage when she is not even at a school board
function. How corrupt is she?

She was disciplined many times when she worked for the Broward
County public school system as a Bus Driver. She received poor reviews
regarding working with others when she worked at Pines Middle School.

Why are we allowing this woman to waste funds that are desperately needed in the class room? She could care less about the 500 + students who are forced to eat their lunch outside in the rain and heat each day due to her wasting of resources. she second home is right next tot he school that forces over 1/3 of the students to eat out side because the school board did not build a cafeteria big enough to allow all the kids to eat in it and they are already running 3 lunch shifts. great work ANN.

In one month alone she put in for over $250.00 in mileage
expenses alone. Who knows how much other money she is sucking in?She makes over $95,000.00 a year and has to steal money from kids, class rooms and teachers so that she can work to dumb down our public education system.

She has a net worth of over $375,000.00 dollars and a monthly
income of over $8000.00 yet takes money take could be used for better things in
our public school system shame on her!


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