2 Down 7 To Go!

2 down 7 to go!

With one of the worst offenders resigning along with one of
the misguided Broward County now has a slightly better school board.

They however still have all of the most corrupt senior staff
in the USA. The school board needs to make a clean sweep and dump all the
senior staff so that we the people can have a school system free of corruption
to educate our kids.

I live next to pines middle. The senior staff has been promising
for 15+ years to do something about all the kids who go in the front door in
the morning and immediately exit a side gate that they have been saying they
will close for over 10 years. These kids then do drugs and destroy the
neighborhood. Why is it that none of the board members even want to come and
see this mess that they created? If they cared they would come and see for

Why is it that the school board does not care about the kids
enough to not allow them out a back gate with no crossing guard or cross walk? Why
is it that they allow these kids to enter and exit from this gate without any
supervision from 6:30 am – 8:30? I would suggest it is because they don’t care
about the kids or the tax payers.

There are less than 100 kids that walk to school and use
this gate yet they allow 400+ kids to exit this gate in the afternoons and
destroy a neighborhood. Parents who think nothing of parking in a front yard or
the middle of the street to wait for their kids to break the law by jaywalking,
littering and trespassing. What is the school district trying to teach our kids,
how to be gangbangers, criminals and such in my opinion?

We need to get the other criminals to resign from the school
board the top three offenders are BJ Williams, Ann Murray and Maureen Dinnen.

Williams’s makes over $200,000.00 a year must seek advance
payments to go to out of town meetings that cost less than $400.00.

Murray’s second home is next to the high school that has over 900 kids forced to eat lunch outdoors due in the rain due to poor planning by the senior staff and school board.

Dinnen is just plain worthless.

I challenge the new board members to prove they are not
corrupt by moving to firing the interim superintendent as well as the deputy superintendent,
north area superintendent and south area superintendent. If the rest of them
are not corrupt how come they vote unanimously on everything?


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i like to hangout, smell Butts and pee on fire hydrants and sniff assholes then blog about them. remember to growl someone today it helps to keep them honest! Have a barkingly great day! ;-)
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