September 11, 2001 Washington D.C.

My daughter and I were DC on 9-11-2001. Saw the plane sticking out of the pentagon and smelled the smoke. went to the white house for a candle light memorial service and almost got thrown in Jail for telling the secret service they should not be throwing the candles people left in the trash! What a surreal day

Things were crazy everyone was in a panic and no one really knew what was happening. We talked a friend into driving by the pentagon and saw the tail of the smoking plane sticking out. Dusty was hanging out the window taking pictures as we drove by with state troops screaming at us that the freeway was closed.

Later that night we went to the north side of the white house as they were having a candle light memorial. We saw this wonderful woman dressed in an evening gown singing a new song which consisted of America the beautiful, star spangled banner and the day’s events all wrapped up in on very moving and powerful song. While she was singing the Secret service was removing memorials and candles from the wall and throwing them in the trash.

When I pointed out that this was very disrespectfully they pulled their guns and told me to shut the fuck up or else. Thankfully someone in charged intervened and told me I could not interfere with them removing the candles and other items left. They then realized that we were all Americans and started putting the candles into a bag I happened to have with me.

Later that night we went to the Vietnam vets memorial.

About Mr It

i like to hangout, smell Butts and pee on fire hydrants and sniff assholes then blog about them. remember to growl someone today it helps to keep them honest! Have a barkingly great day! ;-)
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