Broward County School Board’s new Superintendant!

Broward County School Board’s new Superintendant!

Is he going to be able to fix this dysfunctional mess on the Broward County School Board? Time will tell. We have a board that likes to give their buddies big bucks for doing nothing but destroying or education system. We have over 1000 kids who are forced to each lunch outside in the rain and sun and the Board does not care.

Will he be able to fix it? Will he be strong enough to tell them no? Will he make them pay attention to the education of our children instead of there lobbyist buddies and contractors. Time will tell.

This board has however already tied his hands by promoting a bunch of people just a week before they hired him so those of us who actually see what are they are doing have little faith that he will be able to fix this mess without firing all of the senior management at the school district. It was business as usual for Ben Williams and the corrupt Broward County School Board at the last meeting before they hired him.

Remember this board can’t even fill out an expense reports correctly and they take money from the kids to pay for their expenses to drive to work!

I wish the new Superintendent well and can only hope for our children’s sake that he is up to the task of stamping out the corruption on the Broward County School Board.

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