SW Ranhes “prison town” commission meeting November 7th 2011 @ 7 pm

Southwest Ranhes “prison town” commission meeting  November 7th 2011 @ 7 pm


Folks, What a stunning public meeting yesterday! My heartfelt thank you to all those who coordinated this meeting, our presence there, and those of you who took time out of your hectic day to come. My heroes are the folks who stayed outside and watched the meeting as once again our Mayor Jeff Nelson simply was unable to provide a meeting place big enough to hold us. It means EVERYTHING that people were turned away at the door and PREVENTED from participating in our government. This has now happened at the last 4 public meetings that the Town REFUSES to provide proper accommodation to those that wish to participate. They should be ASHAMED of themselves. We know that no matter what Jeff Nelson says, they really don’t want us all there and they don’t want us to participate. So, your staying there outside with the hope of being able to exercise your franchise as a resident in having your voice heard continues to show the world that THEY WON’T ACCOMMODATE THE WISHES OF THE PEOPLE to something as simple as a proper notice of the meeting or to having your voices actually heard and listened to. I want to point out that while robust and vocal town meetings are to be appreciated. In this battle that David is battling against Goliath, we need all the allies that we can get. Anybody who came out to oppose the prison is to be commended. If their message was something other than what you wanted to hear, then we all should have the courtesy to listen too it. We got lots of opportunity to let everybody know how we feel. Some people on our side where actually shut down by our very own crowd! Let’s have courtesy as we are all working on the same side. We have TWO more opportunities to meet with SWR Town Council. Tomorrow night at the same place (Dykes), at 7:00PM, 11/7 there’s a council meeting. The drill is that if it’s not on the agenda (remember, they only put the prison on the agenda the first week in January when we aren’t even finished digesting meals from our celebrations–so it’s not on the agenda tomorrow–obviously) then during public comment time you get three minutes to speak their piece. But, you need to fill out a public comment card which apparently are available at exactly 7:00 AM and can be turned in up to a few minutes after the first speaker begins.) I think Mayor Jeff Nelson said something to the effect that after tomorrow morning, there’s nothing we can do about the prison. Once again, let’s show him otherwise. People please please get onto Facebook and check out the our page by clicking the link below. There are so many links to media about us, documents, papers and just general comments. Sign the petition below as this is really a demonstration of how big we are becoming. Pass this email on to people you know and have them email us back so we can add their email address to our list. We do need to get people to research the new Broward and/or state laws which PROHIBIT PRIVATE SEPTIC SYSTEMS — http://www.ccagoaway.org https://www.facebook.com/swranchesdetentioncenter notprisontown@gmail.com http://www.signon.org/sign/dont-turn-our-community


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