Mayor ortis has police remove handicapped person from commission meeting!


Frank Ortis Mayor of Pembroke Pines stifles free speak of city resident who is pointing out how cheap he can be bought

Mayor Ortis, who rumor has it was recently fired from his Union job, had a hearing impaired person with dead hearing aid batteries forcibly removed from the commission chamber  by 7 uniformed officers for pointing out that the mayor had violated the law by

  1. Not allowing public input on the school resource officer bad deal with the broward county school board
  2. Trying to move to the next item without bothering to call a vote
  3. not paying for the clock he broke when he tried to climb over the dias and attach the same handicapped person two months ago

and he wants to get reelected? It was his idea to give the cities future to stiles development to build city center at the market peak. We know owe ourselves over  $60,000,000.00 dollars and do not have the funds to replace our water and sewer lines  at a time when that type of work would give us much needed jobs and cost for the work is less than it has been in the last 20 years. Great work frank Ortis and company


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