SouthWest Ranches violates agreement with pines and allows corrupt CCA to build supermax ice prison

Pembroke Pines, November 16th  Iris Siple has put the Fire/EMS

Agreement between Pembroke Pines and Southwest Ranches on the City of

Pembroke Pines Commission Agenda for the Wednesday November 16

meeting. Residents have been emailing the commissioner’s demanding they

rescind this agreement that promises a lot more than just FIRE and EMS

Services to the Town of Southwest Ranches. Hidden in the agreement is

also assurance that Pembroke Pines has sufficient capacity to provide water

and sewer to the Detention Center.

The Detention Center that is starting out as a 1500 bed facility has plans to

expand according to email communication between Town Lawyer Keith

Poliakoff, Partner at Becker-Poliakoff and CCA Attorney, Sam Poole of Berger

Singerman dated January 28

th, 2011. “CCA believes it is best to respond to

ICE with the 1500 beds. We can advise ICE that we can expand to meet

future needs…”

With the Town’s Lawyer being extremely supportive of anything CCA would

like to do, who knows what the final capacity will be. When discussing a

letter of approval from the Town in order to get the Plat Note on the County

Agenda in time, Southwest Ranches Attorney Keith Poliakoff replies to Sam

Poole’s email on November 18

th, 2010, “My position is, amend the

agreement and show me the money and then we can talk.”

Another demand from residents is to rescind the Roadways ILA between

Southwest Ranches and Pembroke Pines because of the “non-interference”

clause that was placed in there. This clause is being used by the Town

Attorney to excuse all attempts to bring out public safety issues surrounding

the Detention Center by Dan Danovitz of Broward County Development and

Environmental Regulation Division and the Broward Sherriff’s office. With the

Town of Southwest Ranches sending surveyors out to block access on 199 th

it seems to all of the residents that this agreement had been put into place

for no other reason than to impede on the City’s ability to protect the

surrounding residents from the plans that Southwest Ranches had for their

ever-expanding Detention Center. January 14

th, 2011 Keith Poliakoff says in

an email to BSO and Broward County,

“In addition, Please find a copy of the

Town of Southwest Ranches’ ILA with the City of Pembroke Pines. Section

5.3 of this Agreement specifically provides that the City of Pembroke Pines

shall not interfere in the development of this facility.”





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