Frank Ortis and company cook the books on Prison town in Southwest Ranches

Frank  Ortis and company cook the books on Prison town in Southwest Ranches

They could stop this project if they wanted to. The reason they won’t is that the need the campaign donation from Wackenhut, CCA and there lobbyist.

When you read their campaign finance reports you will see that they are more concerned about buy their reelection then they are about servicing the citizens of Pembroke Pines! Why else would the schedule a workshop instead of voting to cancel he agreement to provide services for the Private CCA super max prison.

Will the feds even stay in this agreement with CCA? I doubt it as they had to change their name from Wackenhut to avoid getting all of their government contracts cancel a few years back when they got caught billing Miami Dade transit for workers that were not on the job or assigned to be at 2 or 3 places at once.

What happens when they are no longer allowed to operate prisons for the feds? They then have a building zoned for a 5000 bed prison that they can house the worst of the worst in.

Frank Ortis is the one who brokered the deal to get the Feds to open their first office for ICE in Pines. He knew Wackenhut was coming and profited from it.


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