Broward schools leave handicapped 4 year old in wheel chair with broken ankle for over 3 hours

What’s with the schools not caring about handicapped kids who break their ankles in their wheel chairs? Why was the principle of Bennett elementary just to busy to call the child’s mother to tell her that the child had an accident with her wheel chair? How is it acceptable for them to just leave her in her wheel chair and allow her to cry herself to sleep and then lie to the mother about the accident?

Is the school district retaliating against the child because her grandfather because he blogs about the district? The grand jury report clearly states that they do this to children of kids whose parents or grandparents speak out

The person in charge of investigating has not even read the grand jury report and told this blogger that, they might investigate next year as the holidays have started and everyone is on vacation so they can’t be bothered to investigate this now.

How many more kids will be injured before the new superintendant actually starts holding people accountable?

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i like to hangout, smell Butts and pee on fire hydrants and sniff assholes then blog about them. remember to growl someone today it helps to keep them honest! Have a barkingly great day! ;-)
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