Neighbors, CCA ortis, McCluskey of pembroke pines and nelson of SW ranches


As you are aware, there is a lot of activity which has occurred over the past few days.  The latest article posted review the despicable behavior of Southwest Ranches when it comes to providing public notice of important issues and demonstrate, yet again, the contempt that Town Officials and civic leaders have towards you residents who want a say in this prison issue.

Southwest Ranches apparently fancies themselves as some sort of East Berlin government where road partitioning which splits resident communities in half is worthy of American governance.   After seeing the animosity in those present at the Town Council meeting on Thursday, it’s almost imaginable seeing town residents carrying pitchforks as they unroll razor wire separating themselves from their neighbors just shy of Christmas eve as a “Christmas Present” to their neighbors.


this will also lower the property tax values just as the spproval and building of this prison will. so at least we will save some $$$$ on our taxes. however the cities will just raise the fire fee’s to make up for it!

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2 Responses to Neighbors, CCA ortis, McCluskey of pembroke pines and nelson of SW ranches

  1. good idea im gonna try it

  2. Mr It says:

    please do we need to get rid of the bums

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