Broward School super Runcie

Robert seems to get the fact that senior staff is the reason why the Broward School Board and the Broward county Florida school system is broken. We have one of the highest % counts of PHD’s that work as staff at the district. Yet we seem to have more idiots than school systems without all the PHD’s. Why is this? Book smarts does not mean you have any common sense or even the ability to relate those smarts to real life!


Most them even want you to call them Doctor so and so. This means they really got the degree for all the wrong reasons.


The Broward County School Board and district has a policy of not only paying for these advanced degrees but also giving them huge raises when they get them. Why should we pay them more for doing the same pay job with a PHD that the tax payers paid for? We should not be paying them more as they did not gain any real world knowledge just more book smarts. If they want more money let them go someplace else.

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1 Response to Broward School super Runcie

  1. Ian SIEGEL says:

    I am a student at coral springs high and from what I experienced is exactly what you are complained about, I think that district is a cesspool of scoundrels and crooks that needs to be shut down and restaffed with people who actually care about giving a great education instead of being in it for money only

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