Pembroke Pines still looks like a third world country east if Palm? why is this?

Pembroke Pines looks like a dump in the eastern 1/3 of the city. Why is this? Could it have something to do with the fact that the Mayors (frank ortis) best friend who own Elan has the contract to maintain the right aways? This is the same guy who Frank took on his honey moon that is under investigation by both the FBI and ICE.

Perhaps that is why Frank wanted the largest ICE detention center built on Sheridan Street. Could have been the thousands of dollars that ICE and their lobbyist donated to his election account?

Please note that CCA and American Traffic Solutions, who does our red light camera’s and has no employee’s in broward county or the state of Florida, use the same lobbyist? Please note the lobbyist are suing us since we canceled the contract. This is odd since they filed against the city without even requesting that we provide services.

But hey these are people who donated to Frankie so he owes them. Will he bankrupt the city before we can recall him? With City manager Charlie Dodges help he sure will!

Did he receive special treatment when he opened his bagel shop? I believe he did from at least one company who has an exclusive franchise with the city.

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