bullet holes in Pines Middle School doors?

From: Marty C Jacobsen [mailto:marty@sflvoip.com]
Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2012 9:12 AM
To: ‘Supt Runcie’; ‘schoolboard@browardschools.com’
Cc: ‘Dodge, Charles’; ‘carlton.campbell@browardschools.com’; ‘lobbyist1@aol.com’
Subject: bullet holes in Pines Middle School doors?
Importance: High

Was talking with my neighbor who lives on 5th street this morning.  He told me that the school recently replaced the doors on the north side of the building due to bullets holes in the doors. Since it appears people are now shooting at the school perhaps it is time to keep the emergency exit on 5th street locked unless there is an actual emergency.

Furthermore to have this gate open without a staff member monitoring it is just asking for trouble re a child getting shoot should the shooter decide to come back and enter the property via this open gate on NW 5th street

Also is there a reason why they do not pick up the trash in the swale west of this gate? I can send pictures if you want.

The school is not being a good neighbor!

Please note I have cced Mr Soups attorney as per his request

Marty Jacobsen

954-394-0998 direct

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