Message to the Broward County School Board!

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Subject: below is my newest post in support of Mr Runcie on browardoutage

They are trying to divide the board on this issue regarding a Superintendant who has made more progress in restoring the people’s faith in the Broward School System. He has eliminated all kinds of waste and made things more transparent.

Yes there will be some bumps in the road but that is no reason to throw Mr Runcie under the bus for an issue that is only affecting a small amount of students which I might add happens every school year.

the real issue is lack of bus passes for some students including two board members, whomever was the person in charge of getting the bus pass out should be given at least a week suspension without pay. Would be willing to bet that person got their job due to nepotism!!

Have all of you forgotten the three grand jury reports?

Guess I will need to come to the next board meeting and read you parts of it to refresh your memories.

In closing shame of you for blaming the superintendant when most of you should know better.

Superintendant Runcie unfairly targeted by the School Bus Drivers.

Superintendant Runcie unfairly targeted by the School Bus drivers this is the department that has the most people hired from nepotism and cronyism at the school district. This department is extremely pissed that Mr Runcie is cleaning up the department and has deliberately targeted him while screwing up our children’s ride to school. They care more about themselves than the do about the safety and well being of our children.
This is just another tactic they are using to continue the status quo and take our school system backwards to what not one but three Grand Jury reports concluded.
I would urge both the School Board and Runcie to continue on the path of cleaning up the district by firing both bus drivers and maintenance staff who were given unfair advantage in the hiring process because they either were related to a manager or had friends in high places with the school system.
Furthermore we need to remember that the transportation department at the district had the most no shows and sick days used in the district before Mr Runcie came to town to clean this up.
I say the board need to show some balls and support our superintendants efforts to clean up the most corrupt school district in the world.

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2 Responses to Message to the Broward County School Board!

  1. Debby says:

    As one do those bus drivers I find it offensive that you would say we are the problem. I go to work every day and work not play around. There is always some people in any organization even yours who don’t do the right thing. Maybe if you were to come on a bus for a week you might have a different opinion, don’t throw stones try helping make the problem better.

    • Yes Debby I am well aware that most of the bus drivers are great hard working dedicated employees who have a, mostly thankless and very stressful, job that most of us could not do. keep up the good work. the point of my story was that the school board was posturing and throwing the new super under the bus for fixing issues that they allowed to happen.

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