why don’t they just fire the bus drivers who are still messing up getting our future to school!

the entrenched corruption in our school system is trying to oust our new superintendant. Why don’t the elected officials show some balls and step up and tell them it will not work?

Why can’t they support Mr. Runcie? Are they too worried about having a school system that is free of corruption?

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i like to hangout, smell Butts and pee on fire hydrants and sniff assholes then blog about them. remember to growl someone today it helps to keep them honest! Have a barkingly great day! ;-)
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2 Responses to why don’t they just fire the bus drivers who are still messing up getting our future to school!

  1. juliet says:

    Mr Runcie is corrupt himself. He fit right in no problem. An example I reported abuse, bullying, sexual assault and nothing was done. Check out my youtube chqnnel hibbsforchange. See how people cry out to Mr Runcie and a board that doesn’t even care about enforcing laws, let alone the antibullying policies that they themselvea created. Runcie covers up all the time. Chester tindale was HIS appointment to transportation. See on my channel how many came forward before the disaster and were ignored. Like all of us

    • Mr It says:


      it is a couple of board members and the entrenched government mind set that is causing the issues as well as the blow back from the nepotism hiring practices of the different department that are still causing issues. Runcie is starting his 2nd full school year soon and things have been getting better. your anger which I fully understand would be better directed at the school board police chief who wastes most of his resources at school board meetings and work shops rather than doing an actual police work

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