Pembroke Pines Settles with Family that had their Dog murdered!

Pembroke Pines Settles with Family that had their Dog murdered!

What wrong with this picture. They said the police officer was justified in shooting the friendly family pet yet wrote the family a $20,000.00 check to the family. The officer that shot the dog fired 6 times from less than 10 feet and hit the family pet less than 50% of the time. Kind of scary that we allow police who can’t hit a large friendly dog from less than 4 yards to carry a loaded gun!

Who is kidding who? How can it be justified to shoot a family pet in the family’s front yard?   Shots and three misses! Guess the officer was terrified, afraid for his life and shaking so badly that he could not hit the friendly dog.

How can it be right for the police to shot a family pet in front of the children?

Beware of the Pines Police, they are known for drawing their guns and firing recklessly with littel or no concern for who might be in the line of fire. The Pines Police are known for abuse of power; recklessly endangering citizens and then covering it up and saying it is justified. Who reviews these shootings by police in Pembroke Pines? Other police officers that’s who! They say they have an independent review board yet this board has never found an officer unjustified for shooting anything. They in fact cover up for their coworkers.

Remember the public safety officer in pines who shot and killed an unarmed taxpayer in Pines? Said public safety officer had been forced out of not one but two other police departments in south Florida yet the chief of police hired him anyway as a public safety officer and allowed him to carry a gun. When he Killed one of our citizens it was called justifiable even though the public safety officer was not supposed to be carrying a gun.

It is time to hold both of police the chief and city manager accountable for the actions of the folks that are sworn to protect and serve the citizens of Pembroke Pines.

Remember when you pay your property taxes that each home owner’s bill would have been 50 cents lower had they not allowed officers who can’t shoot or are easily terrified to carrry loaded guns in our city.

50 cents here a dollar their and before you know it we don’t have to pay the $235.44 fire fee. This fee is really just one of the ways the city gives Millionaires a huge tax break on the backs of the average citizen. If they really need the money then I would suggest that they raise the property tax millage rate and get rid of the fire fee.

Of course if they would actually spend our tax dollars wisely instead for paying our city manager, who does not even work for the city, over $900,000.00.

One has to wonder why they are paying him so much money. What secrets about our elected officials misconduct is the city manager being paid to cover up?

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