Pines Middle ready for single enterence yet the Broward School Board refuses to do so.

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Subject: pines middle ready for single enterence yet the Broward school board refuses to do so.
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Good day,

Pines Middle School refuses to close an emergency exit on NW 5th street despite repeated requests over the last 10 years for them to do so. This school even refuses to have staff manage the gate. They allow anyone and everyone to enter and exit this gate. They have refused repeated requests to meet with the neighborhood to do something about it. They have even white washed bullet holes in the school by this same unstaffed emergency exit. What are they waiting for? Residents have been repeatedly threatened by parents who want to dump their kids in the street and leave yet they do nothing. I personally have provided the Pines police with video tape evidence and there response has been to threaten to arrest me for videotaping  in my front yard. Great work yet again from the Pines Police and the school board police. I might add the the school board police chief was a Pines Police Captain before he started with the Broward school board

Marty Jacobsen

954-394-0998 direct

954-786- VoIP (8647] main office

Skype martycjacobsen

Ps I would be glad to speak with a report to point out the lies and or provide your reporters with over 8 years of e-mails regarding this issue that they refuse to take action on…..

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