BP (British petroleum) at it again.

BP (British Petroleum) at it again.
Destroying America one gas well at a time.

This is the same company that attempted to destroy the Gulf Of Mexico with their failed safety policies and lies. Now they are drilling like crazy for gas and using Hydraulic Fracturing to do so. The scary thing about this is that there own engineers and engineering studies have proven that 5% + of all well casing fail immediately and another 45% will fail in the next 25 years.

Remember the failed cement job in the gulf that caused the deep water well to fail? That was another failed cement well casing and sealing.

Why we should be concerned is that when the well casing fails it allows heavy metals and gases to pollute our water supply and pollute the air. More green house gases are emitted into the atmosphere by leaks, spillage and blow off than all the coal plants in the USA.

They are currently running warm fuzzy ads about all the investment they make in America and all the jobs they are creating. But what is the price of all these jobs. when we have people being forced out of their homes by tainted water wells. Methane gas leakage and other toxic and noxious substances.

When sued they settle out of court and demand non disclosure agreements. Which then has the effect of shielding the truth of use about how bad all of these well really are.

Let’s put BP and British Petroleum in their place send them back to Europe and let them destroy England instead

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