Florida “Come on Vacation Leave on Probation”

Florida “Come on Vacation Leave on Probation”

With the state of Florida continuing to disenfranchise the Poor, Black and Latin community for possession of 21 grams of Marijuana or a pipe to smoke it in. It is time for Broward County to decriminalize possession of 60 grams or less of Marijuana. We would immediately clear up the back log in the criminal courts, reduce our jail population by over 25%.
We could then also reduce the funding to Mike Satz’s office the Broward County State Attorney by 25% as is work load would be down by over 30%. We could use these savings to keep or libraries and parks open later to keep kids off the streets and give them something to do.

Better yet perhaps his office could actually do something about public corruption for a change. It would seem that the feds are the only ones who go after public corruption by our elected officials. why is this so Mike Satz?
This would also help to offset the loss of tourists we are experiencing due to people vacationing in Colorado or Washington state where they can purchase Marijuana legally. These tourists are mostly in the desired age group of 35-60 years of age with a meridian income of over $100,000 a year.
Yes it is a shame that today in Broward county we are taking the right to vote away from 18-25 year olds at an alarming rate just because they bought an ounce or two of weed. yet it is legal for them to drink alcohol which is much more addicting than a little weed and is proven to harm a number of vital organs like your liver, heart and brain.

But then again the commission would have to use their brains and think to realize that this would be a win win for everyone..

Woof Woof have a barkingly great day!

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