Fake Crises desensitizes all of us from the real issues affecting us!

Fake Crises desensitizes all of us from the real issues affecting us.

Why to the talking heads on TV continue to work so hard to distort and spin everything rather than reporting what is really happening in the world and let us make our own choices? Well it would seem that they just like listening to themselves. They must spend a lot of time listening to the brand of Hate the spew since it appears that after a few days they start believing the hate they are spinning out to the word.
Why can’t we have real reporters talking about real news? Instead we have entertainment disguised as news that no one really cares about. This is a systematic approach to make all of us ignore the real issues effecting all of us. the real issues are as follows.
• Public education: Pre-K through College
• Reform of our nations archaic drug law and criminal justice systems
• Health Insurance and Affordable access to healthcare for all.
• Immigration reform: let’s all be honest and realize that this country, that we stole from the native Americans was built of the Cheap labor and mistreatment of Immigrants for the profit of the ultra rich
• Public funding of all elections, Lifetime cap of 16 years (term limits) for elected officials and no pensions no matter what offices they choose to run for.
Let’s take our country back from the Lobbyists and special interest groups that are bought and paid for by the ultra rich.

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