Republican hatered

How crazy will the Repealancan Party and the Tea Baggers go when they realize they have been carrying the Koch brothers cum stained laundry on their back for the past 6 years?

It seems they are ok with spending over 60 million US dollars trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act which now has over 8 million paid signups for health insurance. Why don’t they want us to have healthcare? Why the reversal by the Koch brothers? How many more people would have signed up for health insurance had they not spent over 200 million advertising against it?

Given how easy the tea party folks are brain washed this writer suspects that we would have over 20 million signups had they told the truth instead of spreading their lies and hate via paid advertising while there companies rape the earth…

About Mr It

i like to hangout, smell Butts and pee on fire hydrants and sniff assholes then blog about them. remember to growl someone today it helps to keep them honest! Have a barkingly great day! ;-)
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