Simple solution to voter apathy!

Simple solution to voter apathy! Miss voting two elections and you lose all right s to everything and pay an extra 10% in income taxes and lose your driver’s license

  No flood insurance
No social security
No Medicare/ Medicaid
No food stamps
Driver’s licenses cost twice as much&  tickets cost 4 times as much
No passport
No homestead exemption
Nothing you become a foreign national who cannot be deported but that but getting nothing in return other than higher costs to live in a free world….


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Pembroke Pines Settles with Family that had their Dog murdered!

Pembroke Pines Settles with Family that had their Dog murdered!

What wrong with this picture. They said the police officer was justified in shooting the friendly family pet yet wrote the family a $20,000.00 check to the family. The officer that shot the dog fired 6 times from less than 10 feet and hit the family pet less than 50% of the time. Kind of scary that we allow police who can’t hit a large friendly dog from less than 4 yards to carry a loaded gun!

Who is kidding who? How can it be justified to shoot a family pet in the family’s front yard?   Shots and three misses! Guess the officer was terrified, afraid for his life and shaking so badly that he could not hit the friendly dog.

How can it be right for the police to shot a family pet in front of the children?

Beware of the Pines Police, they are known for drawing their guns and firing recklessly with littel or no concern for who might be in the line of fire. The Pines Police are known for abuse of power; recklessly endangering citizens and then covering it up and saying it is justified. Who reviews these shootings by police in Pembroke Pines? Other police officers that’s who! They say they have an independent review board yet this board has never found an officer unjustified for shooting anything. They in fact cover up for their coworkers.

Remember the public safety officer in pines who shot and killed an unarmed taxpayer in Pines? Said public safety officer had been forced out of not one but two other police departments in south Florida yet the chief of police hired him anyway as a public safety officer and allowed him to carry a gun. When he Killed one of our citizens it was called justifiable even though the public safety officer was not supposed to be carrying a gun.

It is time to hold both of police the chief and city manager accountable for the actions of the folks that are sworn to protect and serve the citizens of Pembroke Pines.

Remember when you pay your property taxes that each home owner’s bill would have been 50 cents lower had they not allowed officers who can’t shoot or are easily terrified to carrry loaded guns in our city.

50 cents here a dollar their and before you know it we don’t have to pay the $235.44 fire fee. This fee is really just one of the ways the city gives Millionaires a huge tax break on the backs of the average citizen. If they really need the money then I would suggest that they raise the property tax millage rate and get rid of the fire fee.

Of course if they would actually spend our tax dollars wisely instead for paying our city manager, who does not even work for the city, over $900,000.00.

One has to wonder why they are paying him so much money. What secrets about our elected officials misconduct is the city manager being paid to cover up?

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Bob Nichols for county Court Judge

he gets it! State attorney satz and Sheriff Al stack the deck against your Black men by over chargeing them and making them sit in Jail awaiting trail. they then accept rotten plea deals and loose there right to vote for things white people would either get dismissed or reduced to misdomeanor charges.

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What it means to be an American,

What it means to be an American,

We have a right to speak out, more of us should see it as a duty , against things that are unjust.  We have a duty to help other human beings even if we don’t also agree with them. We must call our elected officials to task and demand that they be held  to  higher standards. They choose to run for office. We must demand that they hold our police officers, teachers and others who work for the public to higher standards so that we can restore the people faith and respect in our government.

marty C jacobsen

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Frank Ortis ADA and election violations complaints filed against him By this writer!

After months of waiting for apologies from the mayor Frank Ortis I decided to file complaints against him under the Americans with Disabilities Act with the US department of Justice. The reason for this was that he refuses to apologize for having a disabled American forcibly removed  by the Pines swat team for speaking loudly at a public forum. Since I am hard of hearing and wear hear aids which he has been repeatedly made aware of this is a clear violation of both the ADA act and my first amendment rights. When I recently purchased and watched the tape of the nov 16 2011 commission meeting you can clearly see that this was a stage act in an attempt to silence me from speaking out regarding the corruption under his administration.

Once he did this I decided to dig deeper into his campaign reports. Turns out he opened and campaign account and collected money in violation of a number of state laws because he filed to run for an office that does not exist. I personally made him aware of this violation in September of 2011 and he choose not to correct it. He filed to run for the office of “campaign”.

My complaint asks that he personally be made to return the $44,000.00 plus dollars he collected illegally and be fined the entire salary for  the office he ran for. Had he not collected this $44,000.00 illegally he would have had a candidate run against him.

However since he collected so much money from lobbyists in violation of the rules and laws and the commission decided to waste over $500,000.00 of our tax dollars by having the election in January I decided to wait until he had spent all his campaign funds and then file the complaint so that if they order him to return the funds collected in violation of the law as they should he will have to spend his money to do it.

Perhaps this will make him think twice before he attacks handicapped Americans who believe in exercising there first amendment rights.

Hey Frank you have my number if you’re a real stand up guy you would call me and apologize.

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Republicans are at it again in Florida, This time they pay to have others commit voter registration fraud

Republicans are at it again in Florida,

This time they pay to have others commit voter registration fraud!

Since the feds shut them down on stopping democrates from registering people to vote they decided to prove that they were right. How did the Republican party do this they hired an unethical firm to register voters for them. Now they will be screaming to stop allowing 3rd party paid companies to register Florida Voters.

How will they spin the fact that it was there own party that did this?  Simple BY LIEING  and spinning this to the voters once AGAIN! They are out commiting voter fraud to justify there stance that Voter Registration Fraud is a wide spread problem when if fact it is not……

If you had access to the comp plan that the Republicans allowed this Republican owned company to use you would see that the Republicans were paying by the sign up and then they wonder why they get more fraudulent registrations? We when Republicans hire themselves do they suddenly think they will become honest and ethical?

Big bussiness mostly only cares about proffits FUCK the peole we want more money is there attitude!!!

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repost from Pink Slip Rick, Koch Brothers and the Tea party Buying a America one lie at a time!

They have the Koch Brothers and their billions. Sheldon Adelson has given more than $100 million to right-wing groups. Rick Scott’s CEO friends are helping out. And of course, Karl Rove and his special interest cronies are there. All trying to keep people from finding out how harmful their policies have been to Florida.
On the other side, it’s just you.
We aren’t going to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to expose their lies, but we don’t have to. Because you’re on our side, your support and the support of people like you across Florida means that we can reveal the truth.
But we need your help to expose what Pink Slip Rick has done to Florida.
This November is a choice, and we want Floridians to remember Rick Scott’s policies. Should we support Pink Slip Puppets who backed pay cuts for teachers, firefighters and police officers who serve our communities? Should Floridians allow legislators who stole nearly $2 billion from our public schools, colleges, and universities to continue? And should Florida use that money to pay for tax breaks for CEOs and corporations?
I think that’s wrong. If you agree that Pink Slip Rick’s policies are bad for Florida, help us stop them.
We can’t call up billionaire backers for support. Instead, we have to rely on grassroots support to fight back against the lies and lay bare the facts that Rick Scott and his Pink Slip Puppets are wrong for Florida.
Contribute today.
Thank you,
Susannah Randolph
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Not paid for or authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
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