Frank Ortis ADA and election violations complaints filed against him By this writer!

After months of waiting for apologies from the mayor Frank Ortis I decided to file complaints against him under the Americans with Disabilities Act with the US department of Justice. The reason for this was that he refuses to apologize for having a disabled American forcibly removed  by the Pines swat team for speaking loudly at a public forum. Since I am hard of hearing and wear hear aids which he has been repeatedly made aware of this is a clear violation of both the ADA act and my first amendment rights. When I recently purchased and watched the tape of the nov 16 2011 commission meeting you can clearly see that this was a stage act in an attempt to silence me from speaking out regarding the corruption under his administration.

Once he did this I decided to dig deeper into his campaign reports. Turns out he opened and campaign account and collected money in violation of a number of state laws because he filed to run for an office that does not exist. I personally made him aware of this violation in September of 2011 and he choose not to correct it. He filed to run for the office of “campaign”.

My complaint asks that he personally be made to return the $44,000.00 plus dollars he collected illegally and be fined the entire salary for  the office he ran for. Had he not collected this $44,000.00 illegally he would have had a candidate run against him.

However since he collected so much money from lobbyists in violation of the rules and laws and the commission decided to waste over $500,000.00 of our tax dollars by having the election in January I decided to wait until he had spent all his campaign funds and then file the complaint so that if they order him to return the funds collected in violation of the law as they should he will have to spend his money to do it.

Perhaps this will make him think twice before he attacks handicapped Americans who believe in exercising there first amendment rights.

Hey Frank you have my number if you’re a real stand up guy you would call me and apologize.

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  1. K Hunter says:

    Why is Michael Marchetti being “renewed” on his task assignment position at the rate of $100,000 a year when his “task assignment” of admin moves is now complete? Let’s ask Patti Good his new buddy who made this all happen. He has a high school diploma, no experience in moves yet continues this escapade. According to the BTU contract, a task assignment can not last longer than 6 months….who is breaking the rules Ms. Board Member and Mr. Whistleblower?

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