Pembroke Pines and Hallandale Beach continue to give our hard earned money to Arizona firm with no employee’s in the state.

Pembroke Pines and Hallandale Beach continue to give our hard earned money to Arizona firm with no employee’s in the state.
Both Mayor Joy Cooper and Frank Ortiz and there city managers say they want to get jobs for their residents yet they give a contract under the guise of public safety to a well connected firm that spends tens to thousands of dollars on lobbyist without actually have any employee’s in the state.

If you get a red light camera ticket you will get a letter from American Traffic Solutions of Arizona that requires you to respond and mail a check to a Pennsylvania address. It would seem that Florida has no payment processing centers, which is just not true.

They will then violate the law by holding a code enforcement hearing with no proof of notice to the owner of the car which is illegal.

I say vote them both out of office. They travel extensively on our money stay at first class hotels and are allowed roughly $100.00 for food. The even used our Money to stay in Miami because they were to lazy to drive the 20 miles or less from their homes in South Broward to Miami and sent like crazy on food and beverage.

The funniest part is that this companies lobbyists also function as the city attorney in Southwest Ranches and has repeatedly convinced that city to sue the city of Pembroke Pines yet Pines refuses to cancel the contract with them. Both Cities never even bothered to inspect the work or even make sure the sub contractors who installed the system were duly licensed and insured. All they had to do was write big checks to reelection efforts for both Mayors and a lot of the commissioners from both cities and they suddenly get a free pass of all the other legal requirement by just being allowed to self certify that they complied with all city county state and federal laws. How can we be sure if no one bothered to check. I guess both cities think big business would never lie for profit when millions of dollars are at stake. ya sure get real

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