Facebook. Do they care about us? you be the judge!

Facebook is getting ready to do their IPO. they are going to give millions to the 1%. Why can’t they allow each of us who use facebook to buy up to 100 shares of stock at the IPO price instead?

This would mean that they would not have to give million to the 2% on wall street to sell the stock to the 1%ers. this could and would put cash in the pockets of middle class americans as the stock should double in price in the first day.

even if everyone cashed out 100% it would infact benifit the world ecomomy and help us pay our bills and perhaps buy somethings we need.

If most fo the people then sold 1/2 there stock they would have there money back and perhaps a nice little nest egg for the future

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Republican hatered

How crazy will the Repealancan Party and the Tea Baggers go when they realize they have been carrying the Koch brothers cum stained laundry on their back for the past 6 years?

It seems they are ok with spending over 60 million US dollars trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act which now has over 8 million paid signups for health insurance. Why don’t they want us to have healthcare? Why the reversal by the Koch brothers? How many more people would have signed up for health insurance had they not spent over 200 million advertising against it?

Given how easy the tea party folks are brain washed this writer suspects that we would have over 20 million signups had they told the truth instead of spreading their lies and hate via paid advertising while there companies rape the earth…

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Fake Crises desensitizes all of us from the real issues affecting us!

Fake Crises desensitizes all of us from the real issues affecting us.

Why to the talking heads on TV continue to work so hard to distort and spin everything rather than reporting what is really happening in the world and let us make our own choices? Well it would seem that they just like listening to themselves. They must spend a lot of time listening to the brand of Hate the spew since it appears that after a few days they start believing the hate they are spinning out to the word.
Why can’t we have real reporters talking about real news? Instead we have entertainment disguised as news that no one really cares about. This is a systematic approach to make all of us ignore the real issues effecting all of us. the real issues are as follows.
• Public education: Pre-K through College
• Reform of our nations archaic drug law and criminal justice systems
• Health Insurance and Affordable access to healthcare for all.
• Immigration reform: let’s all be honest and realize that this country, that we stole from the native Americans was built of the Cheap labor and mistreatment of Immigrants for the profit of the ultra rich
• Public funding of all elections, Lifetime cap of 16 years (term limits) for elected officials and no pensions no matter what offices they choose to run for.
Let’s take our country back from the Lobbyists and special interest groups that are bought and paid for by the ultra rich.

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Florida “Come on Vacation Leave on Probation”

Florida “Come on Vacation Leave on Probation”

With the state of Florida continuing to disenfranchise the Poor, Black and Latin community for possession of 21 grams of Marijuana or a pipe to smoke it in. It is time for Broward County to decriminalize possession of 60 grams or less of Marijuana. We would immediately clear up the back log in the criminal courts, reduce our jail population by over 25%.
We could then also reduce the funding to Mike Satz’s office the Broward County State Attorney by 25% as is work load would be down by over 30%. We could use these savings to keep or libraries and parks open later to keep kids off the streets and give them something to do.

Better yet perhaps his office could actually do something about public corruption for a change. It would seem that the feds are the only ones who go after public corruption by our elected officials. why is this so Mike Satz?
This would also help to offset the loss of tourists we are experiencing due to people vacationing in Colorado or Washington state where they can purchase Marijuana legally. These tourists are mostly in the desired age group of 35-60 years of age with a meridian income of over $100,000 a year.
Yes it is a shame that today in Broward county we are taking the right to vote away from 18-25 year olds at an alarming rate just because they bought an ounce or two of weed. yet it is legal for them to drink alcohol which is much more addicting than a little weed and is proven to harm a number of vital organs like your liver, heart and brain.

But then again the commission would have to use their brains and think to realize that this would be a win win for everyone..

Woof Woof have a barkingly great day!

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Pembroke Pines and Hallandale Beach continue to give our hard earned money to Arizona firm with no employee’s in the state.

Pembroke Pines and Hallandale Beach continue to give our hard earned money to Arizona firm with no employee’s in the state.
Both Mayor Joy Cooper and Frank Ortiz and there city managers say they want to get jobs for their residents yet they give a contract under the guise of public safety to a well connected firm that spends tens to thousands of dollars on lobbyist without actually have any employee’s in the state.

If you get a red light camera ticket you will get a letter from American Traffic Solutions of Arizona that requires you to respond and mail a check to a Pennsylvania address. It would seem that Florida has no payment processing centers, which is just not true.

They will then violate the law by holding a code enforcement hearing with no proof of notice to the owner of the car which is illegal.

I say vote them both out of office. They travel extensively on our money stay at first class hotels and are allowed roughly $100.00 for food. The even used our Money to stay in Miami because they were to lazy to drive the 20 miles or less from their homes in South Broward to Miami and sent like crazy on food and beverage.

The funniest part is that this companies lobbyists also function as the city attorney in Southwest Ranches and has repeatedly convinced that city to sue the city of Pembroke Pines yet Pines refuses to cancel the contract with them. Both Cities never even bothered to inspect the work or even make sure the sub contractors who installed the system were duly licensed and insured. All they had to do was write big checks to reelection efforts for both Mayors and a lot of the commissioners from both cities and they suddenly get a free pass of all the other legal requirement by just being allowed to self certify that they complied with all city county state and federal laws. How can we be sure if no one bothered to check. I guess both cities think big business would never lie for profit when millions of dollars are at stake. ya sure get real

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Pines Police and City manager could care less about your childs safety to and from School.

why is it that they can’t seem to get it right when it comes to child safety before and after school? why is it that they are teaching our grand school and middle school kids that neither the kids or the parents need to pay attention to the rules and safety laws during this hectic time. They do nothing to enforce the no stopping laws or the helmet laws for kids on bikes. they just let it keep happening. De believe hey are waiting till a number of kids get run over before they will do anything about this issue. will it be your child that has to be hurt before something is done about this?

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BP (British petroleum) at it again.

BP (British Petroleum) at it again.
Destroying America one gas well at a time.

This is the same company that attempted to destroy the Gulf Of Mexico with their failed safety policies and lies. Now they are drilling like crazy for gas and using Hydraulic Fracturing to do so. The scary thing about this is that there own engineers and engineering studies have proven that 5% + of all well casing fail immediately and another 45% will fail in the next 25 years.

Remember the failed cement job in the gulf that caused the deep water well to fail? That was another failed cement well casing and sealing.

Why we should be concerned is that when the well casing fails it allows heavy metals and gases to pollute our water supply and pollute the air. More green house gases are emitted into the atmosphere by leaks, spillage and blow off than all the coal plants in the USA.

They are currently running warm fuzzy ads about all the investment they make in America and all the jobs they are creating. But what is the price of all these jobs. when we have people being forced out of their homes by tainted water wells. Methane gas leakage and other toxic and noxious substances.

When sued they settle out of court and demand non disclosure agreements. Which then has the effect of shielding the truth of use about how bad all of these well really are.

Let’s put BP and British Petroleum in their place send them back to Europe and let them destroy England instead

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Pines Middle ready for single enterence yet the Broward School Board refuses to do so.

To: ‘heralded@miamiherald.com’
Cc: ‘schoolboard@browardschools.com’; ‘supt_runcie@browardschools.com’; ‘_City Commission’; ‘Goren, Sam (Cityatty.com)’; ‘Dodge, Charles’; ‘Nataly’; ‘dotthisdot
Subject: pines middle ready for single enterence yet the Broward school board refuses to do so.
Importance: High

Good day,

Pines Middle School refuses to close an emergency exit on NW 5th street despite repeated requests over the last 10 years for them to do so. This school even refuses to have staff manage the gate. They allow anyone and everyone to enter and exit this gate. They have refused repeated requests to meet with the neighborhood to do something about it. They have even white washed bullet holes in the school by this same unstaffed emergency exit. What are they waiting for? Residents have been repeatedly threatened by parents who want to dump their kids in the street and leave yet they do nothing. I personally have provided the Pines police with video tape evidence and there response has been to threaten to arrest me for videotaping  in my front yard. Great work yet again from the Pines Police and the school board police. I might add the the school board police chief was a Pines Police Captain before he started with the Broward school board

Marty Jacobsen

954-394-0998 direct

954-786- VoIP (8647] main office


Skype martycjacobsen


Ps I would be glad to speak with a report to point out the lies and or provide your reporters with over 8 years of e-mails regarding this issue that they refuse to take action on…..

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Simple solution to voter apathy!

Simple solution to voter apathy! Miss voting two elections and you lose all right s to everything and pay an extra 10% in income taxes and lose your driver’s license

  No flood insurance
No social security
No Medicare/ Medicaid
No food stamps
Driver’s licenses cost twice as much&  tickets cost 4 times as much
No passport
No homestead exemption
Nothing you become a foreign national who cannot be deported but that but getting nothing in return other than higher costs to live in a free world….


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Pembroke Pines Settles with Family that had their Dog murdered!

Pembroke Pines Settles with Family that had their Dog murdered!

What wrong with this picture. They said the police officer was justified in shooting the friendly family pet yet wrote the family a $20,000.00 check to the family. The officer that shot the dog fired 6 times from less than 10 feet and hit the family pet less than 50% of the time. Kind of scary that we allow police who can’t hit a large friendly dog from less than 4 yards to carry a loaded gun!

Who is kidding who? How can it be justified to shoot a family pet in the family’s front yard?   Shots and three misses! Guess the officer was terrified, afraid for his life and shaking so badly that he could not hit the friendly dog.

How can it be right for the police to shot a family pet in front of the children?

Beware of the Pines Police, they are known for drawing their guns and firing recklessly with littel or no concern for who might be in the line of fire. The Pines Police are known for abuse of power; recklessly endangering citizens and then covering it up and saying it is justified. Who reviews these shootings by police in Pembroke Pines? Other police officers that’s who! They say they have an independent review board yet this board has never found an officer unjustified for shooting anything. They in fact cover up for their coworkers.

Remember the public safety officer in pines who shot and killed an unarmed taxpayer in Pines? Said public safety officer had been forced out of not one but two other police departments in south Florida yet the chief of police hired him anyway as a public safety officer and allowed him to carry a gun. When he Killed one of our citizens it was called justifiable even though the public safety officer was not supposed to be carrying a gun.

It is time to hold both of police the chief and city manager accountable for the actions of the folks that are sworn to protect and serve the citizens of Pembroke Pines.

Remember when you pay your property taxes that each home owner’s bill would have been 50 cents lower had they not allowed officers who can’t shoot or are easily terrified to carrry loaded guns in our city.

50 cents here a dollar their and before you know it we don’t have to pay the $235.44 fire fee. This fee is really just one of the ways the city gives Millionaires a huge tax break on the backs of the average citizen. If they really need the money then I would suggest that they raise the property tax millage rate and get rid of the fire fee.

Of course if they would actually spend our tax dollars wisely instead for paying our city manager, who does not even work for the city, over $900,000.00.

One has to wonder why they are paying him so much money. What secrets about our elected officials misconduct is the city manager being paid to cover up?

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Bob Nichols for county Court Judge

he gets it! State attorney satz and Sheriff Al stack the deck against your Black men by over chargeing them and making them sit in Jail awaiting trail. they then accept rotten plea deals and loose there right to vote for things white people would either get dismissed or reduced to misdomeanor charges.

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