Broward County Florida’s corrupt government and how to clean it up!

Since our children are our future we decided to start with the Broward County School
Board. We currently have one in prison and two just resigned. They have a 6
billion+ dollar budget and are the 2nd largest employer in the state of

They have not one or two grand jury reports but THREE (3) that have been issued in
the last 15 years all stating the same thing yet nothing has been done.

What happened to the Sheriff and Broward State Attorney’s office actually doing their
jobs? Guess they will have to be next on our lists since they seem to be very
weak on arresting elected officials.

We are also attempting to clean up the city of Pembroke Pines at the same time. You will also find that once in a while we will have things on the county and other county wide elected officials as we find things in our quest to shine the spot light on the school board and Pembroke Pines wide spread malfeasance and misfeasance, which according to the Grand Jury report, the only logical conclusion is corruption.

We believe that if enough of us are feed up we can change things! Please assist us in our efforts by spreading the word!

2 Responses to Broward County Florida’s corrupt government and how to clean it up!

  1. Keep up the good work, Marty.

  2. Broward County Corruption is alive and well!

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